About Us

Founded in 1991 by Mr Chan Siak Kin together with a group of enthusiasts who enjoyed Dragon & Lion Dance as a social and recreational activity, the award-winning Long Tian Pugilistic Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe aims to create interest in the ancient Chinese art of lion dance and martial arts and provide service to the community by putting up performances when requested. Besides regular martial arts training and extensive training in the many intricate steps and body movements that form the basis of the lion dance, members of the troupe learn the use of various percussion instruments and their traditional rhythms which accompany the dance. The troupe has extensive experience with performances at all types of occasions and venues. It has so far put up major performances during Chinese New Year, opening ceremonies for businesses, weddings, or simply any happy occasion.

Long Tian entered their first competitive performance in 1994 and after that occasion, Long Tian has actively participated in numerous dragon & lion dance competitions both locally and abroad with some success.

Despite its achievements, Long Tian remembers its humble and modest beginning and is grateful for the support given to us by the community & also its sponsors Long Tian will always find time to fulfil their engagements at community and social events with the same enthusiasm and dedication seen in the past, now and in future.