Lion Dance 舞狮

  • Plucking Of the Green Performance 采青表演
  • Freestyle Lion Dance Performance On Poles (Single or Twin) 梅化桩表演
  • Welcoming Of Guest Of Honour & Twin Lion Performances 迎接贵宾
  • Northern Lion Performance 北狮表演
  • Southern Lions Perfomance 南獅表演

Dragon Dance 舞龙

  • Luminous Dragon Performance 夜光龙表演
  • Freestyle Stunts Dragon Dance Performance 自由式特技龙舞表演

Performance Enhancements 表演

  • Big Flags Pole Performance 大旗表演
  • God Of Fortune Appearance Performance 财神爷表演
  • Festive Drums Performance 节令鼓表演
  • Traditional Drums Performance 传统鼓表演
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